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Airport transfers

An optional airport transfer service is offered; Saturday only. We have a van that can pick up up to 5 participants/trainees and their bikes. Or 6 participants and 2 bikes maximum.

This option includes a return trip to the following airports: Malaga (1 hour journey), Almeria (1 hour and a half journey) and Granada (1 hour journey).

We define an appointment time with you. We pick you up with your luggage and drop you off at your accommodation.

For a good organization we will not be able to provide this service to all trainees if they arrive at different airports. This is why we ask you to contact us in advance to organize us as well as possible. In addition, we reserve the right to move the appointment earlier or later according to our obligations and other impediments related to our schedule.

We therefore reserve the right not to be able to provide the service for practical reasons. Nevertheless, we will do our best to satisfy you and offer you the most relevant alternative.

60€ / person or 150€ / group (same flights for group participants) on privatized stays

Bike Rentals

-#-#-#-#- PLEASE NOTE: Currently, we outsource bicycle rental to several local rental companies. The stock and type of bikes available may therefore vary. Do not hesitate to contact us before your reservation for more information. -#-#-#-#-

We provide a pool of rental bikes. Carbon frame, disc brakes, Shimano 105 compact groupset... a real suitable bike to choose from in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL).

Consult us if you do not know which size to choose.

You can bring your pedals or saddle if you wish. We will take care of mounting them.

In the same way, if you have specific dimensions to transfer to your bike, do not hesitate to contact us to best adjust the position to that of your usual bike.

Each bike will have a Garmin-type GPS support; if you want another type, contact us beforehand in order to satisfy you as best as possible.

See the description of the bikes as well as the geometry.

180€ for the week

Rental of Favero Assioma pedals/power meters

-#-#-#-#- COMING SOON-#-#-#-#-

We offer for rental for the 5 outputs, a pair of Assioma Duo pedals (sensor on each pedal). Plug and play, these pedals install and configure in minutes. Note that you can rent a pair and lend it each day between participants (subject to pedal/cleat compatibility).

Nous avons plusieurs jeux de pédales au format de cales Look Keo. Et nous avons aussi des pédales Shimano 105 dont l’axe a été remplacé par un Favero Assioma.

Quel meilleur endroit pour s’initier au capteur de puissance et découvrir/comparer vos données entre amis…et professionnels empruntant ces cols ?

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour tout renseignement !

30€/1 jour. 100€ pour la semaine

Other (catering, packs, padel, outings, etc.)

  • Padel : nous pouvons vous organiser une location d’un des terrains de padel à Almuñécar, accessibles à pied depuis le logement. La ville dispose de 5 terrains dont 3 nocturnes et nous nous chargerons de vous louer un terrain pendant 1h. Nous vous mettrons à disposition un set de 4 raquettes et 3 balles.

35€ pour 1h avec le matériel (soit, pour info, 8,50€/personne) 45€ pour 2h

  • Catering, packs alimentaires : nous pouvons vous fournir des demandes spéciales en nourriture si vous avez des régimes spécifiques (vegan, sans gluten…), si vous souhaitez des packs de fruits/légumes locaux ou autres.

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  • Sorties : nous pouvons organiser, ponctuellement des sorties/visites spécifiques selon vos désirs ou idées. Visite de Grenade, de l’Alpujarra (villages blancs), excursion à Nerja, Malaga…etc…

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